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Why Maskcara Beauty?

May 20, 2020

I’ve been amazed at how beautiful I feel EVERY time I put on my Maskcara makeup. I previously used drugstore makeup and I didn’t really have any in-depth knowledge on makeup. I used a foundation to cover up all of my acne and some bronzer to make me look tan, plus a little blush, chapstick, and mascara. Maskcara Beauty is an innovative yet simple way of applying makeup in a way that gives my face dimension with light, shadows, color, and glow. It provides great coverage and looks natural. It also takes me 5-10 minutes to apply it, contour and all. What more could a girl want in a makeup routine?

How Maskcara Makeup Works

Maskcara is highlighting and contouring (HAC) made easy. Ever seen a lengthy contouring tutorial with a million layers and you’re like, how does anyone even have time for this? Yeah, no.

With this blendable creme makeup, you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist and there is plenty of room for mistakes. Using a brush or perfector sponge, you can easily blend out mistakes or dab off excess makeup! I love this makeup because it’s perfect for beginners, yet there are many trained makeup artists who utilize it for their clients. Maskcara Beauty is for any skill-level and you can keep it VERY simple with the 4 basic tins (highlight, contour, lip+cheek, illuminator or bronzer), or you can go all out!

We call this makeup IIID foundation, meaning you don’t have to put layer upon layer of product. The highlight has coverage and the contour has coverage and you put them in their correct places to achieve all-over coverage! You end up making that makeup go farther and creating a natural makeup look. It’s light on the face and looks like a second skin. It doesn’t look fake or caked on.

Each part of the makeup comes in a metal tin. You pop off those cute metal lids and place the tins in a magnetic compact that comes free when you buy enough to fill the compact! (4, 8, 10, 16, and up)


Starting Out with the Basics

I want to share with you each component of the Maskcara’s simple, innovative makeup:

Highlight: the color that matches your skin and goes anywhere where contour doesn’t go. We have 17 colors, so there is one that will match you perfectly. I can color match you with a makeup free, natural light selfie, or in person! (Message me @laurencgowdy on Instagram if you want to get color matched, or use the link in my bio!) For those ladies with blemishes (most of us, right?), I recommend the highlight color June to color correct blemishes and redness. It’s green undertone cancels out redness. A tiny bit goes a long way so it will last basically FOREVER.

Contour: an ashy color darker than your skin that is placed where there are naturally shadows on your face and in areas you want to minimize. So, it can go down each side of your nose to create the look of a slimmer nose and at the top of your forehead to make your forehead appear smaller. It also goes under your cheekbones (the higher the better, so your cheekbones look higher) and under your jaw to add a little more shadow under that chin. You can also get fancy and line your lips with contour to make your lips look nice and plump!

Lip+Cheek: pigmented cremes that can be used on both your cheeks and lips! Some colors can even be used as color correctors for under eyes or as a base for your eye shadow! A little goes a long way with these babies, so go easy at first, and when you see them in the tin, know that you can put them on as light or dark as you want on your lips and cheeks!








IlluminatorThat subtle dewy, glowing look we all want! Illuminators come as cremes or powders. Creme is more subtle, powder is more glam. Using your finger or a brush, apply illuminator on the high points of your face, including the top of your cheekbones, the middle and tip of your nose, and right under your brows. It also looks beautiful on the inner corner of the eyes and on the bow of your lip. The creme illuminator can even add a little shimmer to your lips! Are you noticing how these products have many functions? LOVE this about Maskcara.








Beyond the Basics

Bronzer: We also have a powder and creme bronzer – both are beautiful and are best applied using the Blush + Bronzer brush!

Eye shadow: Maskcara also has beautiful eye shadows, most of which are powder. There are matte, shimmer, glitter, and creme eye shadows.  Each shadow tin is much bigger than your average eye shadow, PLUS you can FULLY CUSTOMIZE your own palette. Say goodbye to buying an expensive palette only to use 3-4 colors, wasting money, makeup, and creating plastic waste. Choose the 4 or 8 colors you LOVE and use them til they’re gone! See swatches of color groups below.

Why You Should Take Advantage of Maskcara Brushes

Each Maskcara brush is double-ended. Why does this rock? You save space in your makeup drawer/bag, save time switching between brushes, and you get two (high-quality) brushes for the price of one. Brushes cost between $22-$36. These brushes were created for Maskcara’s creme makeup and different brushes are better for different amounts of coverage or for what purpose they are being used. When I color match you, I’ll have you tell me what kind of coverage you’re looking for and then I will suggest the perfect brush(es) for you!

How Long Does Each Tin Last?

Depending on how often you wear makeup and how much you apply, these times may vary by a month or so.

Highlight: 3-4 months (this is pretty true for me, wearing makeup 3-4 times/week)

Contour: 3-6 months (I think mine is going to last me 8-9 months)

Lip+Cheek: 6-12 months (I will definitely go past 12 months with mine)

Illuminator: 12 months+

Bronzer: 18+ months (I’m guessing mine will last me a couple years)

Setting Powder: 12+ months


So, are you ready to get color matched? What I’m really asking is…


Do you want your makeup to take up less space?

Do you want to simplify your makeup routine?

Do you want to stop searching through a dirty makeup bag for tons of different products?

Do you want to spend less time doing your makeup and potentially less money?

Do you want to look and feel beautiful with makeup that enhances all of the beautiful features on your face?

Do you want to finally wear makeup that matches your skin perfectly and doesn’t look caked on or fake?

Do you want to wear makeup that has far fewer ingredients than all of the leading brands?

Do you want a personal artist who will help you with ANY questions you have ANYTIME (me :)?

Do you want free shipping on every order and a 30 day money back guarantee?


If the answer is yes…

Click here to get color matched!

Click here to look around my website at everything we have to offer (including our amazing skincare line, Tres Leches)!

Email me at if you have any questions.


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