Why I Love HIM

November 18, 2015

I know I just keep giving you all snapshots of our life,  but that’s all I can get around to right now.
We have been living the dream having fun with family and friends.  We love the life we have and make the most of it, even though we don’t have everything.

To start with, do you know how sneaky Scott is?  Let me show you…

I know these might be from quite a while ago, but they are from when he started.  I would always get worried when I heard an alarm go off on my phone, but then when I saw what it was, I would get the biggest smile! Seriously though.  These sweet alarms/reminders have been so wonderful and alway cheer me up when I need it most.  Thank goodness he hasn’t set any in the middle of the night…I might not get a big smile at that time, but I’d still get a smile.

As some of you may know, Scott and I are regular gym goers.  We love the way it makes us feel and cherish the times we get to go together.  A few weeks ago Scott was trying to max-out and squat 500 pounds! Crazy, right?!  I definitely wasn’t the one spotting him on that lift.  Here he is getting in the “zone” to go for it.  Sadly, the gym we were at didn’t have the exact weights we needed, so he ended up attempting 505 lbs.  That ended up being too much.  So he’s working at it again and is going to try and max-out sometime soon.

Anyways…this is one thing that I love about Scott.  His continuous desire to push himself and do better. He is like this in so many aspects of his life.  He is always wanting to do more and do better to better himself and our family.  There is always room for improvement in his eyes, and I love that vision he has.

Scott absolutely LOVES his family.  We love when we are all able to get together, whether it be with family on his side, or my side.  It’s a party and full of laughs and good times.  Anytime I get to see him with his nieces or nephew is a glimpse of what our lives may one day be.  He has so much fun and let them know he cares for them and loves them all at the same time.  I have been blessed to have found such a wonderful man that is so gentle and loving with children continually.


I couldn’t help adding this one…he is so happy to have all those little kiddies around him.
They’re all so grown up now.  They were so little in this picture!
Scott is so hard working and willing to serve those around him.  Now that Scott doesn’t play rugby, he still finds a way to spend time with the team.  He is able to help organize a service day with the team and do great things.  This year they went to prep for winter by raking leaving, cleaning out the rain gutters, moving things around, and cleaning playgrounds.  It seemed like so much work, but when you get those boys going they get the job done.  It only took and hour, when I thought it was going to take a few hours!  Here they are after the hard work and representing their team through and through to show that you need to give back to your community, when they give so much to you.


If that doesn’t say enough, then come and talk to me because I seriously love Scott so much!
He’s always there, cheerful, patient, funny, spiritual, hard working, driven, loving, and determined.
He isn’t all mine, because I share him with all of you, so you can have him in your life too 🙂
Here’s to Scott and the wonderful man that he is!



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