Sweet Child of Mine: We Pray for You

December 21, 2017

We have spent countless days, months, and years praying for our children to join our family.  Not only have your Dad and I been praying for you, we know that there are so many family and friends praying with us.  You are already so loved and wanted, no matter how small you may be.

Tuesday, December 19th

We saw you for the first time under the microscope as they were preparing to do the transfer.  There isn’t much that we know from looking at the embryo, but we know that you’re the best quality embryo, and we pray that you are still growing.

Wednesday, December 20th

It was my last day of work before Christmas Break and I am so grateful to have some time off for a few weeks.  The last few weeks have been so busy and fun with the Holidays Around the World unit we’ve been doing.  Along with all the parents and grandparents that came in to share about different countries.  I love that no matter how long I’ve been doing that unit in my classroom, I still learn something from every visitor.  There were so many people throughout the day that asked how are little family is doing.  They left us with their blessings, words of encouragement, and prayers.  We are truly beyond blessed to be surrounded by so many loving, supporting, and caring family and friends.

Thursday, December 21st

It was officially a “Princess Day” as the Fertility Center calls it.  Which basically means I get to be a “couch potato.” Some people know that for me, being a “couch potato” all day is a bit difficult.  So my day began with starting and watching a few episodes of “The Crown.” Then, I went to work for just a little bit to work on a project with a co-worker, followed by an errand to store.  Finally, to return home to read and watch a few more episodes before your Dad and I would choose a Christmas movie to watch for the night.

Friday, December 22nd

Tomorrow, a few of your Aunties and I are meeting up for lunch while we’re all in town together.  Even though some of your Aunts and Uncles are not here, you are already so loved by all of them! They pray for you and our family each and everyday.  To hear the sweet and sincere prayers of their kids is so touching. It helps our faith and trust in the Lord grow even more.

The Wait

As we wait, we continue learning patience.  I remember a sister I served with on my mission always said that I had the eyes of patience.  I sure hope I still do, because I need a lot of patience!  We are on day two of our nine day wait to find out if this Frozen Embryo Transfer worked. Luckily, it’s a busy time of year and we will pass the time with Christmas Festivities.

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