Passing the Time

December 12, 2014

It’s been a few days now since I’ve been off track (I teach at a year round school) and I have been doing pretty good at keeping myself busy.  When I got home after school/work on Friday I got busy decorating and had a fun time turning our little home into a festive home ready for Christmas!

Monday. I decided it was time to start cleaning and organizing.  Our apartment has a patio, where Scott & I enjoy putting things like our soccer and rugby things and other extra bags with things we don’t use all that often.  Let’s just say that in the past year that we have lived here, a lot has accumulated in a very unorganized way.  I am usually a very organized person, but when things are out of sight they are not going to bother you all that much.  I finally decided that it was time! It was a beautiful day, which is hard to believe for December.  I am happy to share that our patio is now very clean and organized (all swept too).  Scott says it looks like we’re ready to move.  Haha.  That’s not happening yet.

Tuesday.  Tis the season to eat and enjoy it! I know, I know…it’s hard to enjoy it, but as long as you’re not over eating and exercising, you should be good!  Anyways, I signed up to make sugar cookies for our ward Christmas party, so I began the process of making the cookies.  (Find the recipe here)
I made the dough, let it chill, then started baking them all about an hour later.  It was quite the task, but I think they’re all going to turn out great.  I’ll insta the final products when they’re all finished.

Wednesday.  I took on a task that I thought wouldn’t be as time consuming as it really was.  Scott & I have been needed in a huge closet cleaning.  We have been so caught up in life that we haven’t been thinking too much about getting rid of clothes and things we aren’t using all that often. I started by ironing all the shirts that we wear, which ended up taking about an hour.  After that I got to work on going through all of the clothes, which was much more than I thought.  From fall clothes, to winter, to spring, to summer.  We ended up getting rid of 5 bags worth of clothes…I know it was a lot! I’m happy to have a nice organized closet again too.

Thursday.  Most of the day I spent running errands.  Scott & I decided a few weeks ago that we would do the 12 days of Christmas for 2 families.  So, Scott thought of one and I thought of another.  We are so excited to do this, and anxious to share such a special gift with these families.  The tough part was deciding what to do for all 12 days.  Thanks to the handy dandy Pinterest, I found this amazing blog (Todays the Best Day), which I also love reading, with a 12 days of Christmas! Here is the beginnings of getting everything ready for this to begin on Saturday.

So for only a few days of no work, I feel like I have been doing a pretty good job at filling my time. Here’s to hoping that the next week stays just as busy before we head to California for Christmas!

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