Next Step: FET

October 14, 2016

You might be wondering, what does FET stand for?

Frozen Embryo Transfer.  That’s right! Next Thursday, October 20, is the BIG day!

That means I’m back on a schedule with all the medications again.  To give you glimpse of everything that I’m using for the Frozen Embryo Transfer, here is everything…

Last week I started taking two estrogen shots a week, and that will continue.  Tomorrow I’ll start taking a progesterone shot, which will continue daily.  Then Sunday and Monday are big days with the Z-pack and steroids (those only go for a few days of next week).  Then, it’s Thursday, the Transfer Day!

If things go well and the embryo(s) take – we are implanting two – I’ll continue shots for 10 more weeks.  I know that’s a lot to keep doing, but it will all be worth it!

I still can’t believe that the transfer day is here!  Just last month we were thinking we would transfer, and plans changed, for my health and a successful transfer.  Now, it’s really happening and I’m getting all the butterflies about the whole thing every time I think about it.  This is such a big step and will completely change our family and future.  I am anxious to know how everything will go and what the end result will be.

I know this isn’t much for now, but next week it is a BIG week and I’ll share with you all as much as I possibly can!

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