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Lauren’s Maskcara Story

April 17, 2020

My Maskcara Story

About a year ago, I was invited to a Maskcara FB party by a friend. I participated and had a good time, but I wasn’t taking it too seriously, nor was I  interested in buying any product (at the time), but it was fun.

Then for some reason, I started thinking a lot about the makeup randomly 6-7 months later. I would stay up late watching Maskcara makeup tutorials and I couldn’t get enough! It was completely different from how I was doing my makeup at the time (with my cheap, drugstore makeup), but it looked SO easy and WAY better than how my makeup turned out every day. How could that be?

Finally in January, I decided to buy some and try it out. I got a highlight, contour, illuminator, and the nude lip+cheek. I got the free quad compact that you get when you buy 4 tins. I didn’t get any brushes, no sponge. I really liked using it, but I was using these brushes from Costco that I got for Christmas in 9th grade (hahaha) that I thought were decent but they really weren’t allowing the makeup to work its magic to its fullest potential.

In February, I saw a post on a Facebook yard sale page that was offering a FREE BRUSH for hosting an in-home party. I wanted my mom, sisters, and friends to try it out since I was loving it so much, and I really wanted that brush, so it was the perfect opportunity. By the end of the party, I was like, “I think I wanna become an artist.” A few days later, I purchased the $200 artist kit (marketing materials and makeup for doing makeovers on other women) and started this journey as an Independent Maskcara Beauty Artist!

And yes, the brush has been a GAMECHANGER.

Why Maskcara Beauty is an Incredible Company

Maskcara has been an amazing company to work for (unlike many MLMs–I nevvvvver thought I’d work for a company that does direct sales but this company and the products are special or else I never would’ve done it).

We don’t have to be pushy or salesy. The products sell themselves. We share and educate, never asking you to buy something from us, and that’s why I feel so good about being a part of this company!

A few other reasons I love Maskcara Beauty:

  • As artists, we don’t have to have inventory on hand that costs a fortune and takes forever to sell (and if you don’t sell, you’re at a deep loss)
  • We don’t have to ship anything, the company warehouse does all of that, PLUS shipping is always free (no matter the size of the order)
  • There is a 30-day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with a lip color or anything else
  • Every customer has their own artist who assists them in using the makeup!
  • The girls in this company support and mentor one another, share resources, cheer each other on, and encourage rather than pushing $$$ goals on one another. They focus on self-development and being well-rounded, kind individuals who serve each other

If you’re interested in being part of an incredible community of women who help other women embrace and enhance their natural beauty, if you want to have a really fun side-business that could eventually become your main source of income, please reach out to me to learn more about the Artist program! Email me at or message me on Instagram @laurencgowdy! Now…

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