It’s Good For You

September 26, 2015

If you haven’t learned this about me yet, I have a deep LOVE for fitness.
It makes me so happy and I feel so good when I am at the gym pushing through something that at one time in my life seemed near impossible.  Whether it be lifting weights, cycling, or running…they all make me feel great!
For those of you that are skeptical of lifting, just take a few minutes and watch this video.  Now, more than ever, I understand why I love and might have a slight addiction to lifting.

To share with you a little more about fitness and the importance of fitness in others lives, I have asked some friends to share with me their fitness stories.  Keep an eye out as I share their stories here.  Maybe it will give you some ideas, maybe it’ll be someone you want to connect with.  Whatever it does, I hope that it makes you happy and keeps you healthy and strong.  

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