How do you Recover?

August 25, 2015

In some ways I am having a hard time “taking it easy” through this recovery, because I am not used to having this much time to do “things”.  I am usually running here and there getting things ready for my class day after day, and I love doing that! However, I am not having a hard time “taking it easy” because I seriously can’t move.  I have the hardest time getting up and moving around, but when I’m just sitting or laying on the couch, I’m feeling pretty good.

Rather than get more planned for the rest of the school year, I’m trying to really take it easy and not worry to much about school.  I will admit though, that I have spent time doing some planning, I won’t do too much more, I promise!

So here are a few things that I’ve been doing to recover…

1. Catch up on some good shows.  I’m a sucker for drama and have almost enjoyed watching Bachelor in Paradise more that I thought.  It is just too funny to see everything that happens and how people react to dumb stuff.  Then, there are always some good finds on Netflix, right when you need a new or movie to fill some free time.

2. Update the Blog.  I am always trying new things and making the blog look a little cuter.  There are just so many options that I can’t help but try new things when I have the time.

3. Pinterest.  It’s not very often that I can spend a good chunk of time exploring Pinterest.  It can be a dangerous place though…I have so many fun ideas of little crafts I want to do, but now I have to go get the things I need to get the crafts in the works.  I also love all of the quotes and fun illustrations I’ve been finding too.


4. Read.  I have been finding some good books, and wouldn’t you know, most of them are children’s chapter books.  I am always trying to find more books for my students to read that would interest them.  So, what better way to find books that read them for yourself.

5. Sleep.  This one doesn’t need any explanation…sleep is a MUST!

6. Doodle.  I heard about Adult Coloring Books and was so excited!  When I was in college, some of my roommates and I would find Children’s Coloring Books and de-stress from classes with a little coloring session.  The Adult coloring books look amazing and I am so excited to be getting mine in the mail within the next few days…

Well, y’all that’s what I’m doing to recover now a days.  If you have any suggestions of what helps you recover, send a little love my way and share your ideas.  
Have a great day!

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