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Home for the Holidays

February 1, 2015
This year, we headed back to California for the holidays.  
It was a fun reminder of the many memories we made there last year when we got married.  
Not only did we get to spend time with family, we also got to take a walk down memory lane.  
What’s a road trip with junk food and healthy food to enjoy!
We got in town just in time to be able to go and celebrate this cuties birthday.  It’s so fun to be able to go out to California and see Scott’s brothers family as well.  
She’s growing up too fast…already has a car of her own. 
We were given Lego’s as a gift from the Andrus6 and I had a pretty darn good time putting them together.  
Happy 1 Year to US!
Saved our cake and everything! We tried it out and guess what…it was AMAZING! Still just as delicious as it was a year ago.  
When I get home, my mom and I always get busy with a lot of baking.  Here are a few of the things we made.  Stay tuned and I’ll be sharing some of those recipes too.  
Mom’s famous rolls.
Mom’s cinnamon rolls
Just a little flashback.  While Scott was finishing up his last semester, I was off track.  So, with all that extra time, I got busy with a little project.  Scott has always wanted his rugby jerseys framed to remember the championships he won with the BYU Rugby team.  
On his last day I surprised him with this!
Please excuse my reflection…
Here’s to hoping all the memories keep coming and getting better each and every year.  
And a big thanks to all of you that are so patient with me and my “under-construction” blog lately.  Things are just not working out the way I would like, but I’m starting to like the look and simplicity of it now.  
Happy Saturday! 

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