Home again, home again…

July 20, 2015

I was lucky enough to catch a ride back to Sacramento with my mom and sisters last week to spend time with the family.  We made the trek out on Friday as some of us slept, listened to audiobooks, or did a little karaoke singing. It was a bit long, but I shouldn’t complain. Every time we drive to or from Utah to Sacramento I think of the pioneers and what they did. And I’m grateful I didn’t have to travel the way they did…our 10 hours of driving would’ve been 10+ days of walking through desert and mountains.

So just to do a little catch up of what happened with the time I spent with the family before and after the trip to Cali, here are a few snaps of what went on…

While Mom was in town we took a little time to go to the beautiful Mt. Timpanogos Temple.  

I spy with my little eye…Olivia!

Through the Salt Flats, there is some beauty to find too.

Dad prepared this fancy fruit platter for when we got home.  He was so proud.  

If you want a good read or listen, this is it!

Happy 7/11 Day! Couldn’t pass up a free Slurpee!

Practicing how to make temples out of sugar cubes for the youth Amazing Race activity.  

Well, for now that’s it.  
I’ll be back soon with sneak peaks of my classroom.  Yes, I moved again, but it’ll all be fine once everything is put together.  I’m hoping to get most of it finished tomorrow…we’ll see if that really happens.  

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