Girls Camp Invitations

February 21, 2016

So far this year, I’ve been keeping myself busy preparing for Girls Camp this summer.  The girls that attend my church ages 12-18 have the opportunity to go and spend a week in nature and experience the great out doors while learning a variety of things.

Not too much has happened for Girls Camp, but we have decided on a theme and are getting ready for Camp Kick-off where we give the girls some details about camp.  I’m so excited to tell them what we have planned! So far, with the very little they know, they are already excited and that makes me even more excited!

Here is a look at our invitations for Camp Kick-off and the Save the Date we will give them at Camp Kick-off this week.

Other than the red glitter ribbon around the waist, this was all paper, that I cut to be the shape I wanted. 

We got bricks at Home Depot ($0.51 per brick) then spray painted them yellow.  Printed out the invitations and hot glued them to the brick to make sure they would stick. The last touch was the blue and white gingham tied around the brick and finished with a bow.  
Tuesday night is Camp Kick-off, so I’ll take more pictures to share with you soon after. 
I hope you all had a great weekend.  Good luck with those Monday blues…I know we all get them.  

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