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September 24, 2014
These last few weeks, or should I say months, have been a bit crazy.  
A new school year has started for me.  I feel like I’m doing my first year of teaching all over again.  Switching from one grade to another is a lot of work, but there are some advantages that are making it a little easier.  
Scott is so busy with work, and doing great with it as well.  He is also finishing up his last 2 classes before he graduates in December! I know it’s a lot for him, but he’s doing great and I’m so proud of him!
As for our lives and all that we’ve been doing, here is a little fast forward of what we’ve done the last few months…
We were able to go to the park next to our apartments and watch the super moon rise.  It took a while for Mr. Super Moon to show his face, but it was incredible when he finally did!  The not so incredible part of the night was I got back to our place and had close to 30 mosquito bites! Ugh…that was more bites than I got when I was a Girls Camp a few weeks before!

Olivia is a absolutely amazing!
For the past several months she has been suffering form severe back pain caused by a fractured disc in her back that was pinching a nerve.  Not only did it cause back pain, but it also caused pain through the lower left side of her body.
It was a miracle how it all happened, but she was scheduled for back surgery with the best doctor in Sacramento, all within 3 days.  The doctor performed the surgery and came out to tell my parents that it was a complete success…and it has proven true!
Olivia is someone that has dreams and goals, with nothing coming in the way to stop her.  She has been dreaming of playing volleyball for BYU for the past few years and now she is even more determined to get back on the court to push forward through recovery and be the best volleyball player she can be. 

 Scotty boy had a birthday! He’s getting older, and wiser…that’s for sure!
It was a fun day to celebrate, at least the time when we weren’t at work.  We got home and Scott was able to see the fun presents that were waiting for him, and surprises too!

 I was so sneaky…I surprised Scott with a new phone.  He didn’t ask for one, but he was in need of a new one, so why not!
Something that I never imagined happening, really did happen…
Xochitl, my mission companion, from Chihuahua Mexico, is now living in Provo!
We were able to get together and catch up.  She has lived such an incredible life and is an inspiring woman.  I look up to her and cherish her friendship each and every day.

Road Trip!
We had a trip planned to go home, but weren’t expecting the company of Dadio.  He had to come out last minute and it just worked out that we could all drive back together!
This was also the last trip that Scott and I took in Mario.  Olivia now has her license and Mario to go along with it.  She is loving Mario, but she now calls him “Maria”…if only she knew he was really Mario 🙂
While on our trip to visit my parents, we also made it down to San Francisco and had so much fun sight seeing, watching the spray paint artists, break dancers, and much more…

Scott and Dad enjoying their bonding time while they organize their new wallets.  Oh, so exciting! 

This past weekend, we were able to head down to Moab with our friends, the Stodmeisters.  Scott and I went last year with our singles ward and went rafting down the Colorado River, but we weren’t able to see all the other fun adventures there.  We went hiking day after day and loved seeing the beauty in this world that is hard to believe is really there.  If you haven’t been, go! It’s worth it all.   

Fall is here now and I am so excited for the few things we have planned, but even more excited to see the changing leaves and this beautiful season!
Hope you’re all excited too!


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