Easter Roundup

April 7, 2020

We are excited to share with you our Easter Roundup! This is a variety of goodies you add to your cute Easter basket, woven basket, rain boots or whatever your family tradition is to leave out from the Easter Bunny.  We all grew up with different Easter traditions in our homes, and we still do in each of our homes today. For example, last year Ali’s family had a Family Easter Basket (shown above) – which the Easter Bunny brought a few things for each person.  One thing that is similar is the Easter gifts the grand-kids get from Mimi (Grandma Gowdy).  She is the cutest and sweetest Mimi ever and gets a swimsuit and kite for each grand-kid.  We’ll be sure to share them with you when the time comes.

For now, here is our Easter Roundup of ideas for you and the whole family.  Keep scrolling down and you will see each individual item and the image will link to the product, so it’s easier for you to find.  We hope you all have a wonderful Easter week and can still get those cute Easter goodies ready for the kids even though we’re all trying to #staysafestayhome


Click the image below to direct you to the product:



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