Doing Good

March 19, 2014
Life keeps going on…and we’re doing good.
We would like to introduce to your all our first pet.  
Yes it’s totally cliche to do something like this, but it has been a fun adventure for us. 
Meet Fobby.  
He is our trusted fish that is always at home to greet us.  
This is the first of many pets that we will have as we live our lives together.
Next, a puppy?! 
Now for another aspect of our lives…
We like “going about doing good” (Acts 10:38).
For FHE (family home evening) this past Monday night we made Blessing Bags.
On Saturday we went up to Salt Lake to watch the U of U & Cal Berkley rugby game.
As we were driving around we continued passing homeless people asking for help, food, and money on multiple corners.
After seeing them, I was reminded of a family from Montana that I got to know while on my mission.  I remembered them telling me about care packages they would make to hand to off to those asking for help, money, or food on the streets.
We made up our minds after passing a few that we would make the care packages, or what we now call, Blessings Bags.
We invited one of Scott’s friends from the rugby team and his wife to come over and make them with us.  We had so much fun putting them together and chatting the whole time.
Here is a break down of what we put in the bags.

Protein Bar
Bottled Water
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
And something sweet, Reeses

We have yet to pass one off, but we hope to do so soon.
Doing good for others always cheers us up and helps us want to continue helping others.  We hope you have all found ways of doing good in your life and for others.  
Have a Great Day!!!

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