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4 Years Ago Today…

December 21, 2015

It’s still hard to believe it has been four years.  I have so many fond memories from the 18 months I spent as a missionary on Temple Square.  Those that I served with from all around the works hold a very special place in my heart.  Even though we are miles apart and we may not talk to each other very often, you are the best friends I could’ve asked for! I love that we can still stay connected through Instagram, Facebook, and other social media.  Seeing what is happening in your life makes me so happy.

Now for all those that I met that came from all over the world, I am so grateful that you came to visit such a special place.  I hope that you still have fond memories of the time you spent with me and all those I served with.  I do not know where you are now, or what is happening in your life, but hope the best for you.

I didn’t get pictures of what I did from day to day, but here are the memories I did get to capture…and I hope you enjoy taking a look into the life of a missionary.

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